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How To Spot The Right One SEO Reseller Program For Your Agency?

An SEO reseller program is one where you bring customers to a search engine optimization firm and they provide the SEO services for that customer. In return, you are paid a commission for bringing the customer to the SEO firm. The program describes how these companies will work together and what will be paid in return for finding the customer. 

So once you've decided to join an SEO reseller program, how do you go about finding the right SEO reseller packages? This is the tricky part and you have to be very careful in the selection of which partner you will work with. A quick search on the Internet will render several results and 95% of these companies are the ones you want to avoid. Always keep in mind that you are putting your customer relationship on the line when you are bringing in a partner. If this engagement turns sour you could end your relations with the customer and your investment in selling that customer has been lost. 

Then what are the basic criteria for selection of…